Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Character Strength Spotlight

Character strengths are ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving that come naturally and easily to a person and that enable high functioning and performance.” (Linley, 2006)

We have begun to explore our character strengths in Autahi and we have begun by unpacking kindness.  

We have been reading some books that make us think about ways to show kindness and examples of other showing kindness.
We read: Image result for rainbow fish Image result for We're all wonders Image result for how to fill a bucket 

We brainstormed lots of ways we can be kind to each other and fill each other's buckets.  

We then started making kindness coupons for people in our class and for our family.

My kindness coupon is for Archie and it says I will play marble run with you.


One of the things we discovered about being kind is that it makes other people feel good, but it also makes us feel good too! 

Our Trip to Space!

Our First School Trip
Yesterday we went on our first school trip.  We went and had a quick lunch and play at the playground in the Botanic Gardens.


After our quick picnic and play we headed to the Space Place at the Carter Observatory.  We got to go to the planetarium to look at the stars in the sky and watch a movie about Space and Seasons.  Then we had a lesson with Troy who helped us understand about the size of the Earth compared to the Sun and about how we have night and day.  Then we got to explore around the Space Place.  There were so many cool things like Rocket Ships, an enormous telescope and the ropes of Maui trying to hold back the sun! 

The trip was lots of fun and it got us thinking about lots of the questions that we had.  Some of our questions were answered on the trip and some of what we saw made us wonder new things.  Stay tuned to find out more about our inquiry and what we learned or are interested in learning! 

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Exploring the school

Last week we explored the school to find out where everything is around the school and where our boundaries are within the school.

First we checked out the driveway. When we play we know to keep clear of the driveway and to find an adult if something we are playing with rolls down the drive.

Next we explored the top grass behind Autahi. We talked about climbing trees and making sure that any branch we try to climb on is thicker than our leg. This helps to keep us safe and also protects the trees from having branches broken off. 

Then we checked out our back courts and the gardens we have around the school. There are some fruit and vegetables growing and we need to help look after the plants by not picking anything off.
We explored the two playgrounds and had a go with lots of the equipment so that we know which ones we feel comfortable using.

Lastly we checked out the bottom grass and the court. We saw lots of bugs in the garden and we know to just look at them without picking them up. 
There are lots of places in the school for us to play and have fun. 

Global play day

Global School Play Day

Global School Play Day is an initiative started back in February 2015 that promotes unstructured play in schools. This means that we don't direct the play and let the learners explore things naturally and in their own way. Play is a way for us to find things that we are passionate about and try new things. It takes the pressure away from 'getting things right' and allows us to give things a try that we otherwise might steer away from.

Some of us explored the instruments and tried making music together. Carl tried singing us a song but we think he might need to keep practising.

We made a pet shop for lots of the animals. We made food for them and made some homes for them. 

We worked together to create things we enjoyed. Some of us made marble runs and others made tracks for the cars to drive around on.

We explored some of the maths equipment and tried making patterns with beads and seeing how long we can make the chain. We even tricked people into thinking we had made some snakes.

In the afternoon we grabbed our sun hats and took the play out into the playground. We took turns zooming down the slide with our toys and climbed trees and climbing walls. There was also a lot of swinging on the monkey bars.

When the day was finished we were all really tired from all the fun. Lots of us made new friends and got to try a lot of new things that we might want to explore more of through our play in discovery time and out in the playground.

Tuesday, 5 February 2019

3 Ways to Read a Book

3 Ways to Read a Book

We have started learning about different ways you can read a book and have been building our reading muscle.

1) We can look through the pictures and say what we think the story might be about, making up our own version of the story.
2) We can read the words if we know how to or can spot words that we do know.
3) We can retell the story if it's a story we already know.

We started practising by choosing two books we were going to look through and practise reading in different ways. Then we had to find a spot on our own.  We began reading with the goal of staying in 1 spot the whole time and going through the different ways we could read the story.
Here we are practising.  On the first day we successfully read for 3 minutes.  Day two we did 4. and we are hoping to work up to 6 minutes by the end of the week! 
We are growing our reading muscles!

You can practise this at home too! Choose a book, find a cozy place, put on a timer and stay in the same place for the whole time practising reading! 

We're Back and Ready to go!

Welcome to our first week back!
As we begin to get acquainted with our new classmates and our new space we are exploring the room.  
Here's some of what we've been up to this week!
We have been exploring the making area, doing some drawing and creating some rocket ships and robots!


We have been exploring beads and making long strings, counting to see how many would fit!

We have been exploring our loose parts and using our imaginations to create our own games and fun.  We were playing shops and a stolen treasure game. Playing in the TeePee is fun!

 We were exploring the vehicles and were talking about how they worked, which ones were bigger and stronger than others and which ones flew!

This is just the start of our exploration into figuring out our passions and getting to know each other and our space.  Through play we can feel comfortable and our stress decreases and we can begin to open up to all the learning! Awesome first few days back!

Thursday, 13 December 2018

Transition to and across the School

Transition to School

As part of our transition to school we are really lucky to get to go and visit new children at their ECE's.  There we get to see the children in an environment that they're really comfortable in and we get to see what they like to do. 

Here are some of our visits we've been on recently: Miramar Central Kindy, Playcenter, Rongotai and Kingston Montessori, Miramar North Kindy and The Park.  We had lots of fun being shown around and getting a chance to play alongside our new starters.


                        We also had school visits while most of our class was having transition across the school into their new space.
We got to know each other by playing a getting to know you BINGO game, did some art--making self portraits and explored the classroom.