Thursday, 29 June 2017

Celebrating Matariki and Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence Day: Suz and Anna's whanau group

We had a fantastic day in our Whanau. We did lots of different things with our main focus being around appreciating the environment around us. We also had a focus on Tuakana Teina. Tuakana Teina is the idea of an older sibling helping and guiding a younger sibling
It was so cool to see so many people ‘adopting’ siblings and helping them out. 

Our first activity involved print making. We chose our favourite leaves and made prints of them onto fabric. We are going to turn these into mini tents so keep your eyes peeled for them at the Arts Celebration!

Our second activity involved the remnants of Seatoun beach constructed into dreamcatchers. We used wool to make a spider web effect to attach different bits and bobs onto. 

The last activity was some rock painting. We brought some rocks to life by painting a base colour, and then adding black, white and red. Everyone did a range of different patterns and they all look really unique. 

Overall we had a great day! Looking forward to see everyone at our Arts Celebration to see the awesome work we made. 

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