Tuesday, 25 July 2017

First Week Back!

Our first week back!

Outside these guys were making sparkly potions.  One potion was magic and it made you go up to the moon.  The potions had soap, oil and gold glitter and we used measuring spoons to mix them up.  We were working together, noticing how different combinations of ingredients made the potions look different and came up with ideas about what our potions did. One potion was a spell to make you invisible!

We were working together to make clothes for my horse and a feeding bowl.  We were making sure there were no holes in the fabric by taping up any gaps. We worked out the size the fabric needed to be and had to fold it up a few times to make it fit. 

We have been writing some stories about what we've done over the holidays.  We are drawing pictures, sounding out words we want to say and trying to remember our finger spaces and full stops. We all did very different things over the holidays!

 We have been playing imaginary games together, working on taking turns, following the rules of the games and playing different parts.  We were playing a game of house and we were looking after the baby, dressing her and wrapping her up nice and warm.  We used the wheelbarrow as a buggy and wheeled her around. 

We've been having a wonderful first week back.  We've been talking lots about working together, sharing, taking turns and "being the best me I can be!"

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