Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Creativity, Problem solving and working together oh my!

Discovery time gives us an opportunity to create and direct our learning.  We work on our own or with others, depending on how we feel that day.  On a Tuesday when we have our toys we often incorporate our toys into our learning.  
During this time there is a lot of navigating social situations--children have to ask if they can join in, they create games together, they work to sort out problems both within a group or with something they are trying to build or make.  When we think about creating curious, connected and confident learners this time is a wonderful opportunity for our kids to be practising those skills.  They are growing their confidence to work with others and to ask to join in.  They are curious about whether or not their truck will fit into the garage they've built out of blocks.  And they are connecting what they are learning to what they are playing, as well as connecting with each other.  

We used cardboard and created laptops, computers and interesting pictures. 

We are working hard to create things for our toys.  We have to think carefully about things, make decisions, try things out, test them, change them and try again.  We are being critical and creative thinkers as we work on our creations.  

I made a house for my dinosaur.  I had to measure to make sure the roof was tall enough and I had to work to make sure my house stayed together.  I had to think what would make it strong.

I made a phone for my doll.  I had to measure and cut out a rectangular shape thinking about size.  Then I had to think about what's on a phone and draw it on.

I made a carry case for my dog Sparkle.  I measured to make sure she would fit.  I cut out what I needed.  I had to think what I could use as a handle and how I could attach it.  I wrote her name on it too.

I created a cardboard poster that says "I like toys." I used cardboard that we had painted a long time ago and I started writing.  

I worked to create a house for my reindeer.  I had to measure to make sure he fit in.  I had to stabilise and make it stay.  I had to add more cardboard because it wasn't big enough.  I had to ask myself questions and think about what I could do.  

We worked together and created a station for our cars and trucks. We also made a house for Betty the dog.  She was the lookout dog for the station.  We had to talk to one another to come up with ideas, listen to each other and share.  We had to manage our resources to make sure everyone had materials to build with.  We had to settle disagreements by listening to each other.  We also thought like architects and town planners and we decided what thing would go where and how big they'd need to be to make things fit inside of them.

All of the animals live in different pens and I made a door that opens and closes. 

We worked so well together making Betty's house.  We made a ramp so she could get up into the house and we were building up the walls around her.  

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