Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Our Learning Scavenger Hunt

Last week we had our open morning Learning Scavenger Hunt.  Parents came into the class and we walked them through some of the things we do in our day. 

These were the choices of what we could show and share with our parents:

We were doing some weaving and sewing.  We were trying to remember that each strip has to go over, under, over, under.  We had to check at the end by seeing if our strips were staying still or if they were moving around.

We were writing letters together about what helps us learn.  

We were reading Growth Mindset Books and talking about the main ideas.
We were reading Beautiful Oops and talking about how mistakes can be turned into something new and mistakes help us learn.

We were exploring our treaty and talking about what we've agreed makes a good and safe classroom.
We were looking at our calendar, explaining the days of the week, how we count how many days we've been at school and keep track of the weather. 

We were listening to stories on the listening post.
We had a fantastic time showing our families around our earning environment and teaching them some of what we've been learning!

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