Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Bush Builders

Bush Builders 

Last week we were visited by Charles from the Wellington Zoo who came to help us find out what kind of things might be living in our school gardens. 

We used a variety of equipment to help us look. Some people had magnifying glasses while others had special containers that we could put things safely inside of while we had a closer look.

We were scientists as we discovered new creatures and used some of the great books that Charles had shared with us to identify what we had found. Working together as a team we looked at the number of legs and shape of the body to work out what we had found.

The great thing about science is that it is right on our doorstep. Worser Bay School is full of gardens with plants growing, insects hiding under rocks and leaves and beautiful birds singing in the trees. When we put on our scientist hats we use our observational skills to look closer at what we may not notice at a surface level. The more we know about our environment will help us to figure out what we can do to help make it a better place.

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