Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Our Musical Inquiry and Positive Engagement!

Positive Engagement
The Positive Engagement domain of the Positive Education Model looks at helping students experience complete immersion into something to experience flow.  Being in a state of flow where you are learning and being challenged, but also enjoying what you're doing is invigorating and motivating. 
Immersion into music has certainly been what we've been up to this past week.
We ended last week with some visualisation.  We listened to 4 very different pieces of music and tried to think about the mood it put us in (our emotions) and the story we could imagine accompanying the music.  We drew what we thought.


We have had bands forming during discovery time.  During this band practise, the lead was giving everyone their own turn, then they would play the beat altogether!

We had senior buddies come and show us the instruments they were making.

And we had buddies come back to help us make our own instruments.  We had to think about what we needed to use to make our instruments, how they would make sound and then we had to get creating!

And we also had Soma's parents come in and share a wide range of instruments with us.  They played for us and we got to have a turn.  It was awesome.  There were instruments we had never seen before!

We also did some fantastic writing about the instruments!
I like the Seagull because it is like a cowboy.  I like the finger piano too.

I like the drum because it makes a sound like this bing bing bing!

We have definitely been engaged in exploring lots of different ways to make sound and music.  We have also begun to unpack some of the things like tempo and dynamics in music.  Next week we'll talk a little bit about pitch!
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