Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Needs an Wants

Last week in Autahi we began exploring some new ideas that will tie into our next inquiry. We started by thinking about things that we Need to live and things we Want that would be nice to have but aren't necessary for us to live.

We explore ideas like this at the beginining of an inquiry because it shows us what the learners understand and when we reach the end of the inquiry we can look back and see how our ideas might have changed.

Here are our initial ideas about things we Need (on blue) and Want (on yellow)

A tongue to taste our food and to talk to each other. 

Water to drink

A bed to sleep in

A horse to ride on

Ice cream

A new car

We had many other ideas which you can come and see on our inquiry wall in Autahi. As we continue to explore new ideas in inquiry we will continue to add to this space to show what we have learned and what we are still exploring.

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