Thursday, 5 March 2020

A day in the life of our reading classroom.

A day in the life of our reading classroom.

Every day in Autahi is full of opportunities to practise our reading skills and enjoy a story.

Here we are in our Guided Reading group, getting ready to read our book. Everyone is using their pointing fingers to show where they are going to start reading the story.

We know quite a few Rocket Words in our story, but we also need to know what to do if we find a words that aren't so familiar. Here, we are practising the skill of using robot arms to find the sounds in a word and then blend them together.

Sometimes, it is fun to read a book we know with the whole class. It takes a bit of Bravery, but it's great to share our learning.

After a busy morning, we find another chance to enjoy a book, with a quiet story time. We love listening together and talking about the story. Story time is also a good chance to discover new books to read again during Buddy Reading.

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