Wednesday, 22 July 2020

Our inquiry cycle continues

Our inquiry cycle continues

As Term 3 begins, it's a great time for us to re-engage with our inquiry about the nature of water. Here is our Worser Bay inquiry cycle.

Our water inquiry sprang from our experience of planting and caring for our veggies in Term 1. We began wondering about where the water we were putting on our plants came from. We were in the 'I am curious' phase of our inquiry cycle, asking questions about where we find water, we use it for, how it looks and how it behaves.

As Term 2 progressed, we moved into the 'I am exploring' phase of our cycle. Here, we tried to find answers for some of our questions by sharing our knowledge and ideas about water, and beginning to do some experiments. We tried heating and freezing water. We played with ice and melted it. We boiled water and watched our water paintings in the playground disappear when the sun came out. We made a cloud in a bottle. The inquiry didn't stop during Lockdown with some of our families resourcefully splishing and splashing their way through water experiments at home.

We have discovered a lot about where water can be found and how it can be a liquid, a solid or a gas. We know how to turn it from one state to another. As we enter the 'I am sorting and creating' phase of inquiry, we are able to apply this knowledge to sort and classify different objects and materials in our world.

We have also been reflecting on how to describe water in its different states. What does ice look, feel and sound like? How is liquid water different?

With our Arts Celebration on the horizon in week 5, we are excited to begin taking our learning into the 'I am celebrating' phase of the cycle. Learning can be demonstrated in many ways. We are going to dial our Creativity up to eleven and share our ideas and discoveries through dance and drama. Creating our presentation will help to deepen and consolidate our inquiry learning, build our drama and movement skills - and should be a fun challenge, too.

We hope that you will be able to join us for the Arts Celebration (more details to follow). In the meantime, follow our progress on the Blog.

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