Tuesday, 18 August 2020

Celebrating our writing in Autahi

 Celebrating our writing

In my Blog on 4th August ('Writing for pleasure, purpose and play'), I reflected on the many reasons to write that our Autahi children are discovering. As teachers, we are always keen to find ways to enthuse and inspire children to write. Feeling that one's writing is purposeful is an important part of this. While some of us are happy to write just for our own enjoyment, knowing that you are writing to communicate with another person adds an extra spark. That thought is motivating me right now to write this Blog!

Last week, some of us teamed up with Scott's writing group in Tautoru. We chose the topic of 'A Disgusting Meal'. Over two days we planned and wrote our pieces. We started by sharing ideas and collecting a word bank. We made picture plans and chose particular words we would like to use. After writing, we spent time re-reading and adding to our stories. 

On day three, it was time to share with our Tautoru buddies. We read our stories in small sharing circles. 

It was really fun hearing other people's ideas about what makes a disgusting meal. 

Having an audience hanging off your words is pretty exciting.

Thanks Scott and Tautoru for making us laugh and squirm with your writing. We'll definitely be doing this again. It's great to share! 

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