Thursday, 10 June 2021

Exploring literacy


This week we have been enjoying some different ways of exploring literacy. From writing super sentences (with capital letters and fullstops) to reading with a friend we are up to the challenge of trying new things. Check out some examples of our learning.

Everyone has their own writing goals and next steps. Some children were working on writing a super sentence. We love to make writing about experiences or something fun to get the ideas flowing. This story is about something strange happening. 
"One day a super hero bat came to school"
I wonder what could happen next?

We are using a listening post to hear stories that we have been reading. Being read to models fluency and making our reading sound like talking.

We have been creating art to go with our stories. Sometimes the art inspires the writing and sometimes the writing inspires the art.

Beth showed us through the Library and we got to explore and take some books home to share with our families.

Here we are reading and sharing stories we have read with our friends. Sharing books is a great way to practice and grow our reading mileage.

What ways do you explore literacy at home? Share them with us so we can grow our love of literacy.

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