Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Back to Business

After a long and well deserved holiday Autahi is back and better than ever! There's already been so much creativity and working well together.  
Children have been revisiting what they love and trying new challenges! 
We are all trying to grow our brains and the way we do that is by trying the hard stuff!

Here's what we've been up to so far:

Don't be fooled this is not a group of children, this is a pride of cats, some are kittens and others are grown-ups.  The lily pads are their beds and the they are feeding each other and sharing their food.  The mother cat is on the big cushion and she is looking after her babies.  
Learning links: 
  • living world--these guys are recognising that all living things require basics to stay alive. 
  • health and p.e.--they are demonstrating respect through sharing and co-operating in the group
  • key-competencies--with such a big group there is a lot of 'relating to others' required and it is happening here.

Making and Creating:
There has been some inspiration with our mystery 'old timey' suitcase and our map of New Zealand and some children decided to make their own maps.  Both of these pairs of children decided they wanted to make maps together. 

Learning Links:
  • Visual arts--they are investigating and developing visual ideas
  • Key Competencies--using language symbols and text to create maps, relating to others and negotiating what is on their map and taking turns.

These guys are making their own little people and making clothing for them.  They did all the drawing, cutting, and gluing together themselves. 

Learning Links:
  • Visual art--they are exploring different materials.
  • Technology--they are planning and going through the design process, making changes where needed.
  • Maths--they are measuring to see if the fabric is the right size to make clothing from and cutting it down to the right size. 

That's just a snip-it of some of the learning going on already in Autahi! Everyone is excited to be back and have jumped head first back into it!

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