Wednesday, 17 May 2017


Emotions are a tricky thing. They can sneak up on us and they sometimes get the best of us.  In Autahi we have been exploring emotions so we know what they are, how we can spot them, what it's like when we are feeling one and what we can do for ourselves and others when they are feeling certain ways.  

We painted portraits looking in the mirror and seeing what our faces look like when we feel different ways.  We noticed lines in our foreheads and wrinkly eyebrows when we are mad and lines around our mouths when we smile and are feeling happy.  


Then we did some writing about what things make us feel the way we painted. 

We also have been reading the story Kei te Pehea Koe and have been exploring how we can say our emotions in Te Reo Maori.  

We also thought about what things make us happy, sad, angry and proud and we created these posters.

We had some language practise where we practised asking,
"Kei te pehea koe?" 
We also practised responding,
"Kei te pukuriri au!" 

We have some gumboots in our class that our called our "Empathy Boots" because they help us figure out how others are feeling while we literally "put ourselves in someone else's shoes!"
We had to design our boots, so we all did some drawings and Tori helped us decorate them.

Then we had some practises putting ourselves in the Empathy Boots to trial out how we might feel if certain things happened.  We practised being actors and acting out what the different emotions would look like. 

We are working hard to show empathy in Autahi, but first we need to sort out how others are feeling and what we can do to help!

Watch this space for more because this is definitely something we'll be coming back to quite a lot!

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