Wednesday, 27 September 2017

ASB Sports Centre


The ASB Sports Centre 

Strengthening our bodies with perseverance.

On Tuesday Autahi went to the ASB sports centre where we used perseverance to build our muscles and minds! For some of us, this was a new experience so we had to use our bravery and resilience to try something new that we may have been nervous about.

We started with Futsal! We each grabbed a ball and practiced ball skills. Stopping the ball was a challenge but we used resilience and perseverance to keep trying and we all got the hang of it in the end!

Next we split up into groups to tackle athletics! we ran relays and played line tag. We had to use a lot of teamwork and took turns running and jumping over the hurdles so that everyone could get a turn.

Floorball was a crowd favourite, we all worked on our ball skills and some of us showed leadership and good judgement when hitting the ball to our team members. 

Last but definitely not least was gymnastics! This activity was a new experience for everyone! We had to use judgement and bravery to use the gym equipment safely while still having fun! We all took turns so that we all got to try everything, we encouraged each other to be brave when we felt worried about trying something new.

Thanks to the wonderful parents who helped out! We couldn't have done it without you all!

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