Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Family Story Evening

Last week the class was transformed into a cozy bedroom and lots of the class came in their pj's with their parents and siblings to participate in our Family Story Evening.
We had a number of parent readers and we interspersed the stories with some mindfulness and meditation techniques that we use in the class and families use at home.

We heard from parents, children and teachers. 

He explained his feeling bottles that he had made.  Each one was a different colour and represented a mood or feeling for him.  He spoke clearly and explained how he did it and what each emotion was.

This is a breathing app that helped us breathe deeply.  We imagined we had noses around our tummies and we breathed deeply into our belly noses as that helps us to calm down more quickly.  As the circle changed on the IPAD we breathed in and out.  

We settled in for the stories and enjoyed some popcorn.  

It was a wonderful evening and we were so pleased that so many people could make it.  Please see the links for some guided children's meditations 
link to meditation

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