Tuesday, 30 April 2019

And we're back!

It was lovely to have a few weeks off to rest and think about all of our learning and now we are back and rearing to go! Our Autahians have come back with the same enthusiasm and love of learning that they had all term! They are showing creativity, teamwork, perseverance and bravery as they navigate new classmates, new challenges and new learning. 

Here's a little of what we have gotten straight back into!

We were lucky to inherit Jude's doll house that her dad made when she was a little girl--lined with even the same carpet and lino of her own house.  And we have loved using it for socio-dramatic play! 


We have been doing lots of building and constructing.  We have been problem solving, trying things out, fixing them up and changing them as we need.


Thinking like mathematicians.  We have been exploring measurement and weight.  We are seeing if the different coloured bears are heavier or lighter.
We have also been exploring counting the characters on these cards and pegging the number that matches the patterns. 


We have been creating.  We have been drawing, making collages and exploring different dot patterns.


We have also been continuing to focus on our goals and spending time during discovery to practise our goals.  We are practising some number sentences, some letter writing and some word writing with stamps. 


We have been having a wonderful first week back and have jumped straight back into it! Stay tuned for more of the awesome things we do in Autahi!

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