Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Goal setters

This term we have had a school wide focus on goal setting and what it means to be a goal setter.
In Autahi we look at things we can do and things we can't do yet. 
That word yet is very important to us. It tells us that even though something might seem tricky to us now, with some practise and new learning we can make small steps towards being able to do it.
Those steps are called Kaizen steps.

They are smaller steps that we can practise in order to help us reach our goals.
In writing we have been thinking about what makes a good writer and how being able to write is goal we all share.

Each child has chosen one aspect to keep in mind and work on during writing. This is them using the small steps to help reach their goal.
We talk about goals a lot and ways we can practise our goals. Many children have used discovery time as a chance to work on some of their goals and practise things they can't do yet.

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