Friday, 20 November 2020

Centennial Reserve Trip

The weather was good for us and we finally were able to go on our trip to the Centennial Reserve. In Inquiry we have been learning about the realm of Tane Mahuta, God of the forest. We have been exploring what lives in our local school environment and this was an opportunity to cast our gaze a little wider to our local native bush.

We were full of positive thoughts as we knew it would be a long walk but it was nothing we couldn't do if we kept on trying and didn't give up.

We explored the forest up and down.

Made pretend campfires to roast marshmallows 

Found all the biggest sticks

Sketched and tallied all the different plants we could see 

Found some tipped over trees and saw what the roots looked like

Found a Whare and all tried to fit inside

Tried to camouflage and hide 

Eventually we made our way back to school. After a few water breaks we finally made it. We found out lots of information to help us with our learning and we got some great exercise.

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