Thursday, 5 November 2020

The forest of Tane

 This week we were meant to go to the bush at Centennial reserve. While we look for a sunny day to make our visit we thought we might bring the forest into the classroom. 

First we did some exploring just outside the school to have a glimpse of what lives in our local bush. We talked about how the forest is the realm of Tane Mahuta the Maori god of the forest and how the creatures that live their are all the children of Tane.

We sketched some of the things we could see and gathered some ideas back in the classroom.

The next day a tree trunk had appeared in Autahi. 'What is that doing there?' said the children.

Some recognised that it was a tree trunk like Tane Mahuta from the stories we have been reading. 

Every day we are slowly adding to our tree trunk to flesh out our forest. We want everyone to contribute from the learners to our school community. 

So if you have a few minutes spare please come and make something to add to our Autahi forest. Every new thing that goes up adds more and more things for us to discover. Our learners are naturally curious and we are so excited to dive into some new learning.

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