Sunday, 2 December 2018

Growing our Minds!

We have been thinking a lot about our brains and how we learn.  One thing we learned is that trying new things helps us learn.  
We read these books:
                                      Image result for the ok book Image result for Your Fantastic Elastic Brain
The first one is about being OK at things and that it is OK to just be OK at something.  It also made us think about how trying new things is the only way we will know if we like those things. The second book is all about our brain.  It tells us about the different parts of our brain and how our brain works.  It tells us about how we can grow our brain by trying lots of new things.  

After we read these books we started to think about what we wanted to learn about and we made Growing our Brain Crowns.

This is my grow your brain crown and the 4 things I really want to learn are drawing real animals, reading books, learning Kapa Haka and running up hills fast! I think my brain will grow lots!

We are making grow your brain crowns. We are thinking about what we want to learn about. We want to learn how to do headstands, backwards rolls, read chapter books, learn more about space, about how to be a great scientist, how to build strong buildings, how to run really fast and about how things change! Wow our brains are growing already!

We want to learn how to draw cats, count to 100 from 0 and backwards, draw Maori patterns, read tricky books and learn some songs on the ukulele!

Choosing what we want to learn about is the first part of setting goals.  From here we will think about what we might need to do in order to learn to do the things we've identified.  When we have a hand in choosing what we learn about it helps us to be engaged in our learning and have agency.  So look out because we are driving this learning train! Choo Choo!

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