Sunday, 2 December 2018

Literacy Connections

As we mentioned a few weeks ago we were reading the big books Dragons, Dragons, Dragons, Lost and Camouflage. Take a look at some of the amazing learning that came out of reading these books!
Lost.Dragons dragons dragons.Camouflage.

After reading these stories we were really motivated and excited. We got writing and creating!

Here are some of our Dragon stories.  We came up with our own dragons and described what they were like. 





We got making dragons!

After reading Camouflage, we started thinking about different animals that camouflage and their colours and environments.  We talked about why and how they camouflage and then we tried creating our own camouflage art!


After reading Lost we came up with our own posters about something pretend that we had found.  We talked about trying to describe the thing we had found and making sure to let the reader know where they could come to pick up their creatures. 




It has been so much fun to connect our art and writing and play with our big books.  They have given us contexts to explore, create and express our ideas.  Many of these ideas were revisited over and over again, perfecting the art of camouflage, writing our own imaginary stories about dragons and creating all different kinds of dragons.  We also made maps to help each other find lost things and treasure.  

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