Thursday, 13 December 2018

Transition to and across the School

Transition to School

As part of our transition to school we are really lucky to get to go and visit new children at their ECE's.  There we get to see the children in an environment that they're really comfortable in and we get to see what they like to do. 

Here are some of our visits we've been on recently: Miramar Central Kindy, Playcenter, Rongotai and Kingston Montessori, Miramar North Kindy and The Park.  We had lots of fun being shown around and getting a chance to play alongside our new starters.


                        We also had school visits while most of our class was having transition across the school into their new space.
We got to know each other by playing a getting to know you BINGO game, did some art--making self portraits and explored the classroom.  

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