Thursday, 27 February 2020

Sausage dogs in Maths?

We have had a funny visitor in Autahi that visits us on Toy Tuesday. You may have seen him hiding around the room in some funny places
This funny sausage dog has been a really fun friend during discovery time as we practise looking after him. He often gets sick and needs some TLC from the Autahi vets...

He has also been helping us with our learning in Maths. The good thing about a sausage dog is that they are just long enough to fit a number line on its belly. We told a story about how much food a sausage dog would eat each day and kept track of the number getting bigger on the number line. Check us out...

It's great when we can take an interest in our space and use it to explore learning in lots of different ways. Keep your eyes posted for more sausage dogs appearing in different parts of the classroom.

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