Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Working on our class treaty together.

Respect: working on our class treaty together

In week one, we took part in Global School Play Day. We explored what kinds of games we like to play. It was also a great opportunity to talk about  how to take care of each other when we are playing: how do we make sure that the game is fun for everyone. 

So what about when we work and play together during the rest of the school year? Recently, we have been exploring what kind of treaty we could have for our class. 

With help from some friends from the seniors, we thought about what things we can do to look after the people and things in our space.

We realised that we are talking about respect - but what does this mean in Autahi?

We came up with some great ideas and drew some pictures to show our ideas in action.

'My water monster tidies up our things.'
'I am being kind to the sausage dog by patting him.'
'We look after each other when we feel sad.'
'I am picking up rubbish and toys outside.'
'Me and Marco are sharing my Beyblade.'

What does respect mean to you and your family?

We have more thinking and talking to do. We will keep on working on our treaty over the next week or so: watch this space!

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