Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Toy Tuesday

Toy Tuesday

In Autahi, Tuesday is toy day. We can bring a toy to school to play with and share with our friends. 

Here are the toys we brought to school today.

They are watching and listening carefully while we do our maths.

Carl also brought his toy to school today, Naughty Dog. Naughty Dog liked playing with the other toys, especially the dogs ...

... but sometimes he lived up to his name.

Look where we found him when we got back from our run this morning. What are you up to, Naughty Dog?

Some of us thought that perhaps he had been nibbling our snacks!

Naughty Dog didn't feel very well after snack time. Luckily, there where two vets on hand to help. After surgery, Naughty Dog felt much better.

He helped at Buddy Reading time by pointing at the words with his nose. 

And he helped all of us to do our resting after lunch.

What an eventful day. Thanks Naughty Dog, you're the best!

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