Wednesday, 15 April 2020

Busy Bubbles

A big Autahi welcome  to Term 2!

One of the nicest things after a holiday is re-connecting with friends, finding out how they are and hearing about what they've been doing.

So, here's a little catch-up blog, collecting some of the photos you've shared recently on Seesaw. 

I have had a bit more time for guitar practice than usual and I think my terrible F chord is starting to sound better.

I have also been battling with a huge ivy hedge outside my house. Each day I chop down a bit more. I'm not sure if I'm winning yet, though! (And yes, I have been wearing dungarees everyday.)

Elena has been getting crafty decorating some pinecones with paint. What a great idea: there are a lot of pinecones around at the moment. She has also planted some plum stones to see if she can grow her very own plum tree. Grow little plum tree, grow!

What a beautiful Easter egg! That colouring must have taken a lot of time and care. Did you make a picture like this for the Easter egg hunt? Sophie has been also been working on some exciting drawings and stories with her brother and sister.

Marco has been going for walks and teddy bear hunting along the way. He has also been learning to play a new game with his family. Looks like fun, guys!

Louis' bubble is at his Granny's house. A couple of weeks ago, he caught a fish in the river. He found a picture of it in this book. It's called a Common Bully. Good job, Louis!

And, finally, if anybody is hungry after all that action, Carl baked these yummy-looking scones. Thanks, Carl. I'll have jam and cream on mine.

I hope that you had a good holiday. More fun times to come this term!

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  1. I loved seeing what you have all been upto- thanks so much for sharing!! Jude