Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Football Friday

 On Fridays this term we have football lessons.  Last Friday was our first one.  We warmed up with different games.  We had to follow the leader and move like a certain animal.  Here we were crawling like tigers.

Then we played a warm up game called "Truck and Trailer" where we had to try to dribble the ball and follow our buddies.

After all of our warming up we had a game.  One team had bibs and one team wore shirts.  We had to use the skills we practised to play a game.  We tried to keep the ball out of our own goal and get it into the other goal.  We couldn't use our hands and we had to try to kick, pass, and roll the ball with our feet.  
Please help me be prepared for Friday Football by reminding me to wear suitable shoes! 

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