Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Toy Tuesday

On a Tuesday Autahi children are allowed to bring a toy to school.  Our toys serve as good inspiration for our play--we create things for them, make up stories about them and share them with our friends.  
Here is some of what we've been up to with our toys this week:

 I made a race car for my doll.  I also wrote about it at writing time! 
Here are some of the learning links:
  • I had to measure to make sure it would fit.  
  • I had to cut practising fine motor skills.  
  • I had to test things out, think critically and creatively when things weren't working and try something new.      
 We made a bat cave for Batman and our cars turned into the different bat mobiles.  
Here are some of the learning links:

  • We had to work well together, making compromises and decisions
  • We had to think creatively and problem solve
  • We had to listen to other people's ideas and express our own
  • We had to think about measurement and making a cave that would fit our cars and Batman
 We measured how long this toy was.  We used paperclips.  She was 7 paperclips long!

 We played cupcake shop.  We ordered cupcakes and made them for the customer.  We brought our toys to get cupcakes too.  We were thinking about money and payment.  We were connecting to the social sciences by thinking about roles (shopkeeper and customer) in the community.

We also did some writing about our toys.  Some of us wrote descriptions of our toys and others wrote about our toy in the context of a story we read. 

Toy Tuesday is fun and it provides us with meaningful experiences throughout our day!

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