Tuesday, 24 October 2017


We have started to explore measurement this term. 
We listened to this story first.  Then we began talking about what we can use to measure.  

We realised you can measure with lots of different objects, but that using different objects makes it hard to compare how big or small something is.  

 Some of us used paper clips, some used counting cubes and some used teddies to measure our feet.
We measured different objects from around the room, like pencils, scissors, books and hands and feet. We also measured some of our toys on Toy Tuesday!
We also used different sized containers to measure how much water it took to fill the different containers! We are going to keep going with our measurement, looking at measuring and comparing different sized objects with various units.  We will also be looking at a ruler and exploring centimeters. 
Image result for cm ruler
Have a look at this ruler.  What's bigger a cm or an inch?

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