Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Taking Action!

We have been hard at work on our inquiry into the body, its many parts and systems, how they work and what we can do for our bodies and minds.  We've learned all about bones and skeletons, our muscles, our digestive system, our lungs and breathing, our hearts and circulatory system and our brain--how it works, the many parts and growth mindset.  We have been exploring the power of our bodies as well as what they need.  After many weeks of going through our inquiry stages, we are at the stage of celebrating our learning by taking action and sharing what we have found out.
 As mentioned above we learned a lot about our body and the different parts.  What we realised along the way is that we play a big part in our bodies and our well-being.  We can do heaps to look after ourselves.  Some of the ideas the children came up with were that to stay healthy and happy we should eat healthy food, do plenty of exercise, drink lots of water, get rest and have fun. For our taking action children created their own healthy eating plans, exercise plans or persuasive posters about what they thought was important.  The class was buzzing with excitement and they were all busy creating. 

Creating fitness plans based on exercises we learned in class
The children had to choose which exercises they would do each day and how many reps they would do of each.  They had to write the numbers in.  This was a really good exercise for thinking about how much a number actually is because some people decided they would do 2,000 sit-ups and after trying 5 realised their plan may not be realistic!

Creating healthy eating plans and adding foods we are going to try to eat more of

 Creating persuasive posters about ways to get fit and what to eat
"Get Fit. Run as fast as you can!" "Eat Healthy Food!"

"Do Flips to Stay Fit!"
We used pictures and words from books about eating right, staying active and our muscles to get some of our own ideas.

And then some of us started to put our plans into action and we got on to doing our exercises.  This was really helpful in seeing if we had been realistic about our goals. 

 We also have begun sharing these plans in videos on Seesaw.  Help us stick to our plans at home! Let's do exercise together and eat lots of healthy food!


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