Tuesday, 17 October 2017


Tuesday is our library day.  We get to go visit the school library, look through the books, have a browse and a read and check out up to 4 books.  We can have these books for up to 2 weeks.  Sometimes, we have senior buddies and librarians give us suggestions, read to us and help us find books.  Sometimes, we do it as a class.  We like going to the library and finding books that interest us.  Usually these books are a bit tricky to read so you will have to help me at home.  But I can help by finding letters and sounds I know, words I know, or even by reading the pictures and telling what I know about the story!
Our library returns box is blue and is next to our book bag box. On a Tuesday we put our returns in there (if we are ready for new books).
The books are ordered alphabetically by the author's last name. The books have a sticker with that letter on it to help us remember where it goes when we are done with it. 

The library is a quiet place where we can find a spot to sit and browse some books.  There are lots of good books to find!

I've got some new books this week! Help me look after them and read them at home please!

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