Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Character Writing 

This week we have been using our imaginations to create a character. Each writing group has a different character and we are visualising (which means making a picture in our heads) to describe what they look like. 

The butterfly group working with Kath had to visualise an alien. After we each drew our own we shared our ideas and put them together to create one SUPER alien, who we called the Jitollar ( made from taking the first letter of each of our names). After that we helped each other to write a description of what he looks like on the outside.

Sorry that you have to read it sideways!
It says: The Jitollar. He has a slimy green body. He has 4 scaly arms. There are sharp claws on the Jitollar. He has 3 long stripy necks and 3 round heads. He has 10 legs that are orange and scaly. 

What do you think? Can you picture him? Please add a comment below. On Thursday we will post a picture of him to see if you visualised him like we did.