Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Beautiful Oops and the beauty in mistakes

We have been reading the story Beautiful Oops and learning how mistakes can be turned into something beautiful if you think creatively and look at things from a different perspective.

So we had a go at doing some of our own mistake art and playing around with folding paper, blowing dye on the paper, painting newspaper scraps and creating flip books out of holes in our paper.  

It was lots of fun to play with colour, shape and space and see that we could look at things differently.  Being creative doesn't mean being artsy, it just means thinking about things in different ways and trying new ideas.  We all had a go at playing with creativity.  Here's a challenge, try spotting your next mistake and seeing if you can think differently about it and seeing what you could learn from it!

ASB Sports Centre


The ASB Sports Centre 

Strengthening our bodies with perseverance.

On Tuesday Autahi went to the ASB sports centre where we used perseverance to build our muscles and minds! For some of us, this was a new experience so we had to use our bravery and resilience to try something new that we may have been nervous about.

We started with Futsal! We each grabbed a ball and practiced ball skills. Stopping the ball was a challenge but we used resilience and perseverance to keep trying and we all got the hang of it in the end!

Next we split up into groups to tackle athletics! we ran relays and played line tag. We had to use a lot of teamwork and took turns running and jumping over the hurdles so that everyone could get a turn.

Floorball was a crowd favourite, we all worked on our ball skills and some of us showed leadership and good judgement when hitting the ball to our team members. 

Last but definitely not least was gymnastics! This activity was a new experience for everyone! We had to use judgement and bravery to use the gym equipment safely while still having fun! We all took turns so that we all got to try everything, we encouraged each other to be brave when we felt worried about trying something new.

Thanks to the wonderful parents who helped out! We couldn't have done it without you all!

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Eco-House: Minecraft Competition

We have found a Minecraft Competition that we want to enter. We thought that other students might want to enter as well. Nicola will send in the entries. Send entries to her by next Friday 29th September.

"How do you put ‘Eco’ into a Home?

So, what are we looking for in the perfect Eco-House? Some of the key elements will be:
Low environmental impact: How does it fit with the world around it? We want to see a minimal impact on the environment – both in construction and on-going use.
Sustainable: We want to see use of sustainable materials in the construction.
Energy-efficiency: How energy efficient in the house? Construct is so that it makes best use of renewable energy resources, for heating and lighting, etc."

Overall, you need to create us a building that’s friendly to the environment around it – and explain why you think it is."

This is Ollie's design

You can find out more at:

By Thomas, Lachlan, Hugo W and Alex B

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Our new sand toys

We have got new sand toys that we are playing with at playtime after morning tea and lunch time. We need to really look after our toys when we are finished with them so that we don't lose them! 

We have been having so much fun playing with these toys in the sandpit.  We are building, digging and creating wonderful worlds and castles!

SLCs and our learning scavenger hunt

Positive Accomplishment

We had a wonderful day of Student Led Conferences and our learning scavenger hunt.  Some of the children reflected on their goals from the beginning of the year with their parents.  We were all happy to see how many people had achieved their goals and were moving on to new goals.  We all agreed that it wasn't magic that we could now do what we couldn't before.  There has been lots of hard work and perseverance going on to get us to our goals! 

Then the class lead all of the parents on a learning scavenger hunt.  Children showed and explained many parts of our room and the types of things we are learning and doing and then they got to do some learning together! 

We read stories together, created pictures at the making table, played maths games and wrote letters to the teachers!

We used QR codes to find videos and stories around the room and helped our Growth Mindset Tree grow by adding new ways of thinking to it!


 Name:                                               Highlight what you’ve done.  The items with stars are MUST-DO’s.
Show the treaty and explain what it says.  Let’s talk about why we have these rules.
Choose a growth mindset book and read it together. Talk about the ideas
Go outside and do some exercises to strengthen your body
Create something at the making table
Show me the calendar wall.  What do we do here? Let’s sing the days of the week song. How many days have we been at school?

Use the Ipad and find 2 QR codes around the room
Show me the poem of the week.  Let’s read it together.  I’ll show you how many words I know!
File:Gold Star.svg - Wikimedia CommonsHelp me write a letter to a teacher about something that helps me learn. You can help me with the sounds and help me finish off if it takes too long.
Let’s choose something off the maths shelf to explore.  We might make a pattern, build a tower and count, or more!
Take the bowling or quoits outside and play a game
Listen to a story on the listening post
Help me match the parts of the body in Te Reo Maori to the arrows
File:Gold Star.svg - Wikimedia CommonsHelp me change my language and change my mindset by turning an old way of thinking into a new one. Use an orange leaf to write down a fixed mindset phrase and replace it with a green leaf with a growth mindset phrase.  Help me practise saying them and then let’s stick them on the tree.                                                                              IMG_4285.JPGScreen Shot 2017-09-15 at 11.57.22 AM.png

 Here is the growth mindset tree we made and some of the types of things we can remind ourselves to think when things feel hard

What a wonderful turn-out! Thanks to everyone and to all of the kids for thinking so hard about their learning and sharing it with their parents!