Friday, 24 October 2014

Fabulous writing

"My rainmaker worked.  It made proper rain drops like real rain.  I can make it better if I could take the tea cup off." 

Rainmaker invention -testing

This week we have been inventors and we have designed and made our rainmakers.  We tested them today to see if they worked and what kind of down pours we would produce !!

We are now talking about the next phase in the design process:

We have made
We have tested 
We have reflected and evaluated 

Our next step is - making improvements. 

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Guided Reading

We read 'In the Garden' .  We put our things into our basket and wrote our sentence.

We also did a cut up sentence to help us practise looking carefully at the beginning sounds of words.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Fun at the Beach

We spent the afternoon at the beach practising skills for the athletics.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Game Making: inventors of games

Here we are this afternoon creating and inventing new games. We worked in teams together. 

Second attempts at making spider webs

The red afternoon group are designing spider webs which ones will hold our giant insects ? 

Friday Spider Web Challenge !

Here are our spider webs that had to hold a giant insect .

Engineering inventors challenge

We have been learning about what inventors do.  We had a challenge on Friday where we had to create a spider web using only two materials.

The two materials we had to use were:
2 shopping bags
1m tape 

Here are some photos of us thinking , working together, designing .......

Friday, 17 October 2014

Cream it For Kids

Cream it for Kids MacDonald House Fundraiser

The Student Council are organising a fundraiser for Ronald McDonald House. This will be on Friday the 31st October. The children at Worser Bay School will be able to pre order a tip top small tub of vanilla ice cream for $3.00. This can be done through the schools new online order system or money to base group teachers. Orders need to be in by Wednesday 29th October. Please advise your base group teacher if your child requires a non dairy option.

We are in the planning phase of our spider web engineering . Watch this space !

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Parent Morning Tea: Thank you for all of your help before, during and after the arts celebration!

Today we held a morning tea for the parents that helped out before, during and after the Arts Celebration. A representative from each base group stood up to thank the wonderful parents for all of the help.

ALL: Good morning Parents and welcome to our Morning Tea.

Seniors: We are now going to say our food karakia

Juniors: We have a few thank you’s to say

Gemma: Thank you for helping us design our costumes.

Tommy: Thank you for painting the boxes for our set.

Molly: Thank you for helping us create beautiful faces for the show.

Chester: Thank you for all your help backstage.

Lucie: Thank you for taking fantastic photos of us.

Gretel: Thanks for the help with the dance choreography.

Charlie T: Thanks for helping us with all the beautiful dance moves.

Hugo: Thanks for helping us make our costumes.

ALL: Now please enjoy your Morning Tea from all of us at Worser Bay School.