Transition to School

Transition to School

At Worser Bay School we acknowledge the importance of a successful transition to school. We enjoy working together with parents to create a smooth and happy start for all children. The main transition programmes for new 5 year olds include:
·           Invitation to our Rising 5s 
·           Invitation to meet with Jude, our Principal
·           2 school visits in the 3 weeks before your child’s first day

Rising 5s
The Rising 5s has been supporting transition into school life at Worser Bay since late 2010. It's important for us to get to know not only the child starting school, but also the whole family before Day 1!
So, for up to 2 terms, depending on the numbers of students starting at the time, 4 year olds and their parents are welcome to come to school on Thursdays between 2.00pm and 2.45pm.
It's an opportunity to get involved in a range of activities and become familiar with our school environment and equipment. It will also provide an opportunity to meet other parents and students starting, and get to know the team of teachers with whom you will have an important relationship. New entrants, already here at Worser Bay, provide leadership and support for the Rising 5s.
For further information, contact Steph Williams, our Office Manager, at:

Meet with Jude
Jude meets with all families of students starting at Worser Bay, including those who already have children at the school. For those new to the school, this initial visit will involve a chat about the nature of the school, what’s important to us, how it all works, a walk through and introduction to the learning spaces and staff who are around.
Children will have at least a further 2 school visits prior to starting school, with this number being tailored to suit individual student needs. It is likely that students who do not attend Rising 5s will require more school visits.
One of these visits will be in our morning session from 9.00am until Morning Tea at 11.00am. The second visit will be in the middle time slot from 11.40am to 1.00pm. Students can choose to stay on for morning tea or lunch to gain some familiarity with these routines.
Parents/caregivers will be encouraged to leave the child for at least part of the second visit so that children become used to being at school by themselves. However, adults will need to stay on the school site, but can at least leave Autahi, the New Entrant space, if the child is ready.
School Visits 
School visits will take place in the 2 weeks before your child starts school. Families will book in to attend school visits by contacting the office or talking to Carl or Beth at Rising 5s.
We encourage students to bring and to share their portfolio of prior learning from their previous education centre, if they have one, to either these school visits or on their first day.

Autahi Learning Space
This space is designed as a transition space where the emphasis is on settling into life at school, making friends and developing confidence.
It also supports children to transition into the way that Worser Bay School is structured, including the different learning spaces and having more than one teacher. 
Additional transition supports include:
·           furniture and resources that children will recognise from their Early Childhood Centres
(e.g. home play, role-play, sand/water trays, etc)
·           a programme that includes developmental play
·           a programme that recognises the need of New Entrants to build confidence and relationships as well as a sense of belonging and security.

Get Ready for School at a Glance

A step-by-step guide to enrolling your child

When your child turns 4, please pre-enrol so we know you are going to be joining the team.
Contact the office for a pre-enrolment form.

Rising 5s – From 2 terms before 5th birthday
These visits allow your child to become familiar with the school environment, learning space and teachers.

Complete our Enrolment Form
Phone or pop into the office and collect an enrolment form. Please complete this a month before your child starts. You can make an appointment to meet with the Principal, Jude, and learn a bit more about the school, including a walk through. This will be an informal chat and a chance to visit the learning spaces, ask questions, meet teachers and to discuss your son or daughter’s strengths and needs.

What to bring:
As we are required to check birth certificates and immunisation records of New Entrant children, please bring these along to school and hand in at the office as soon as possible for verification. These items must be sighted prior to your child’s first day at school and photocopied for our records.

Pre-Visits – From 2 school weeks before 5th birthday
These visits allow your child to become familiar with the school environment, learning space and teachers. Arrange these with one of the teachers.

What to bring:
A snack (if visiting in the morning) and a water bottle, packed morning tea or lunch, if staying for these after your visit. Your child’s stationery, if you have it already. The teachers will discuss this with you.

The Big Day – Your child’s first day of school
School starts at 8.55 am. Bring your child to the classroom before school. Stay until your child is settled but leave before the bell rings. Try not to prolong the ‘goodbye’ – upsets can happen but don’t last long. Please feel free to ring if you are concerned about how your child is settling.

Many children starting school become very tired. Half days are not unusual at this stage. We will arrange them with you if you feel they are necessary.

What to bring:
Morning tea, lunch, a healthy snack for snack time, drink bottle for water, changes of clothes, if necessary, stationery (if not already brought in). Please label all your child’s clothing and belongings clearly.

A few interesting things to know…

Karakia / Assembly
We come together as a school every Monday and Friday morning to discuss and celebrate the weekly focus and have a bit of a sing song! Student-led assemblies are usually held at 9.10 am every second Friday. Check the newsletter to ensure assembly is on. Parents are welcome to join in with us every Monday and Friday.

Lunches and Snacks
The school promotes healthy eating habits. We discourage food and drink with high sugar content. Children are encouraged to have named water bottles handy in the classroom. An 'easy to grab' snack, which we have during our learning time in the morning is encouraged. Lollies and soft drinks are not permitted. We have also gone ‘rubbish free’, so require students to take their lunch rubbish home with them.

Lunch Orders
The school has a fundraising Sausage Sizzle every Tuesday. Sausages cost $2 each.  Sushi lunch is on a Friday.  You can order these via our online payment system.

Duty teachers supervise the children during playtimes and lunchtimes. For the first 10 minutes of both breaks, students are expected to sit down and eat. This is monitored by the duty teacher. Explain to your child that they can approach the duty teacher, if they have any problems or concerns.

Wheels Day
Wheels Day is every Wednesday. Students are invited to bring scooters and helmets. No helmet, no scoot! Unfortunately, we don't have the space for bikes.

Personal Property
We request that the children do not bring money, valuable or ‘attractive’ items to school. The school does not accept responsibility for loss of, or damage to, items brought to school by children. Please clearly name all of your child's clothing and belongings. Please note that unclaimed items are given to charity each term.

We have teamed up with Office Max and you can order your child's stationery by heading to simply select your child's Year Group and follow the instructions in the website. You do not need to enter a student ID.  

Parent Help
We welcome parental involvement in all areas – both in the classroom and behind the scenes. Please feel free to arrange a regular time to assist in the classroom or perhaps to take part in school activities.

Encouraging Independence
Developing independence is an important goal of the first year at school. You can help by: expecting them to be responsible for their bags and belongings and encouraging them to do their morning jobs themselves; these include signing in, hanging up their bags, putting their book bag and snacks in the right box, and then going outside for a play in the playground.

Learning Outside of the Classroom Walls and School Fences
At Worser Bay School we really value the many rich outdoor learning experiences available to us in our local environment and beyond.

Every time we take students outside of the school grounds we consider a range of variables and then make an assessment as to what the ratio of adults to students needs to be. This ratio ensures that both quality learning and safety are maximised. Variables may include the age and needs of the students, the nature of the activity, the location, the competence of the students and staff involved, the season and the weather forecast.

Teachers complete Risk Analysis Management and Safety Action Planning documentation for every outing and also ensure all individual students’ medical supplies and first aid equipment is on hand.

When students enrol at school, parents are asked to sign a generic permission form for short neighbourhood outings to the beach, park and surrounds. For any EOTC activities further afield, permission is sought for each individual outing. Permission slips are usually included in the weekly newsletters and can be responded to by email.

Connecting with other Parents / ParentNet
Our school relies on the involvement of parents to raise essential funds. There are a range of opportunities to get involved, from events to ongoing business ventures. You'll be kept up to date through ParentNet (a school community email network), the website and school newsletter.

Blogs and Newsletters
These hold a wealth of information and knowledge. A link to the newsletter is emailed every Friday afternoon. Please take the time to read these, perhaps with your child, to keep up to date. The Autahi blog is a place where we share our learning and information with you. Please read this with your child and get them to explain what has been happening in their day.

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