Wednesday, 28 August 2019

The King of 'ing'!

Who is the King in Autahi? The King of 'ing' of course!

We have been learning all about 'ing'.

We have learnt some poems...

We have been writing words with 'ing'


And we made some crowns for the King!

So...who is the King of Autahi???

What does a plant need to grow?

We have started a mini inquiry in Autahi, investigating what a plant needs to grow. We started off by collecting our first ideas.


Then we looked at some books about plants and found some words we could use to describe the parts of a plant.

Next we went outside to look for different plants, trees, flowers and bushes to draw.


Finally we came back together and labeled our drawings.

I wonder what we will find out next?

Thursday, 22 August 2019

Maths workshops

Around the room we are buzzing in our maths groups. We are all learning different things and having lots of fun exploring maths in lots of different ways. Check out some of the ways we have been finding out about new ideas.

Arts Celebration: Our learning journey

It has been a big build up to our annual arts celebration this year. We have been reflecting on all of the inquiry learning from throughout the year. From planets and space to journeys across the world to New Zealand and to our local environment. We used lots of different styles and mediums to create pieces that show lots of our learning.

Here we are creating invitations for our friends and whanau to invite them along.

We made ink blot insects using kebab sticks and droppers

We stamped our backgrounds to personalise our visual pepeha.

Some fabulous musicians shared their talent with us as we practised our strength of appreciating beauty and excellence.

John showed us lots of the sculptures the seniors were working on.

It took lots of perseverance to finish all the pieces of art.

We used observational drawings of the leaves in our local environments.

We used light to create silhouette art that tells the story of Kupe and the octopus on his voyage to New Zealand.

Thank you all for your support and for helping us celebrate our learning.

Friday, 16 August 2019

Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Variety is the spice of life!

It's another busy week in Autahi! 

We certainly like having plenty of variety in our lives ...

We have been learning about the sound sh,
and designing the world's best shoes.

Some of us have been racing to twenty ...

... and some have been making numbers using tens and ones (with furry helpers).

Meanwhile, others have been taking time to enjoy our
lovely, new Te Reo Māori word books.

And we are ALL getting excited about the
Art Celebration. Not long to go now!

Wednesday, 7 August 2019

100 Days at school!

In Autahi we have a calendar. Each week we learn about the days and months, and we have been counting the days since school started this year. On Monday we reached 100! To celebrate this we had a 100 day in Autahi.

We wrote some stories about what we could do with 100 things...


We also made some towers with connecting blocks to see how far they would stretch!


We divided our 100's into groups of tens.


100 is such a big number, I wonder what number we will get to by the end of the year?!

Autahi Artist Studio

If you went past Autahi this week, you might be surprised to see artists in residence. As part of our upcoming Visual Arts Celebration, we created an artist space where we could pretend to be professional artist and let our imaginations go wild!