Wednesday, 30 August 2017


This September we are having an ‘80’s disco at the Salvation Army Hall in Miramar.
This disco is gonna be full of crazy dress ups of 80’s singers, stuff that was made in the 80’s, and much more!
We are having this crazy disco on Week 8 Friday 15th of September.
Remember to show up in your best  most epic and craziest 80’s costume!
But always remember this disco is optional  so you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.


Disco dancer
Rubik's cube
Fluro or Highlighter coloured clothes
Glitter clothes
Afros or big hairstyles
Anything crazy!!!!
Also remember to have fun at this crazy party!

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Trip to the ASB working our powerful bodies and growing our minds!

We had such an amazing, but also exhausting day at the ASB.  We learned lots of new skills and all tried lots of new things.  Our muscles and bodies are getting stronger, but our brains are also growing as we try new things!

We learned floorball

We did lots of running to warm up our muscles

We practised throwing and catching with small balls and we practised aiming and throwing quoits and vortex!

We also practised football skills

A huge thanks to all the parents who could come and help out! Hope you all sleep well!
Remember we are going back at the end of September with three of the same rotations and gymnastics too! Let me know if you can make it to help out!

Positive Emotion

Positive Emotion

In Autahi we spend a lot of time each day talking about how we are feeling, learning how to better express our emotions and focusing on the positive.  What we focus on flourishes.  Often we have class meetings where we discuss things we could do at playtime, who we might like to play with and ways we can cope when we aren't feeling so great.  We often get together and check-in about how our playtime went.  We spend a few minutes practising mindfulness, savouring a really good feeling or letting go of any stress or worry we have.  

This really helps us to settle our minds and bodies and allows us an opportunity to talk about what we did at playtime.

We are so lucky too because sometimes we have big buddies come and play with us at playtime.
Here are some of the PALS teaching us a game!

Positive Health

Positive Health
In Positive Education, positive health is helping children to create sustainable habits for physical and psychological health.  Here are some of the ways we have been learning about and practising positive health in Autahi.
In the last few weeks we have been really lucky to have a few more workshops providing us with some information for ways we can work our powerful bodies! We learned about muscles from Daniela and she ran a little bootcamp with us.  It was a lot of work, but was lots of fun and we all felt a bit stronger after!
We learned some exercises to work our core, our arms and our legs.  When we keep our core strong, we also keep our back strong!
These were really hard and lots of us had never even tried them before, but we kept an open mind and gave it a go!
We tried burpees, crawls and squats!
After doing all of our exercise we had to cool down and stretch because we wanted to keep our muscles healthy.
Participating in exercise has so many benefits and we have been making sure to spend time each day and throughout the day doing exercise, not only to stay fit, but also to keep our mind healthy and happy!
Here is some of what we do throughout the day:
toe touches, push-ups, arm circles, buddy sit ups and hip circles.
During play-time and throughout the day we can also go outside and play games with PE equipment--these guys were playing with this Rugby ball!
Another great workshop we had was learning about Muay Thai Kickboxing.  Tori brought in her first fight gear and she taught us a bit about kickboxing . We learned all the rules to make sure we kept each other safe and got to have a turn putting on the uniform and trying out the bag.  We learned that you always give thanks to your opponent when you start and finish a match, you only hit in the ring and you never hit when your opponent is down! We had so much fun and man were we tired after!
What kinds of things do you do at home for your health?