Home Learning

 Home Learning

Home learning is a way of practicing and reinforcing things that we are doing in the classroom. It is essential to build and reinforce the home/school partnership to ensure children make connections with what they learn at school to the wider world.


Each week your child will have opportunities to read at home. This will include some books or journals they have read at school and unpacked with a teacher as well as a weekly poem. Any reading can be recorded in the Yellow Kluwell journal. Reading at home shouldn't just be limited to these things though. If you have been to the library or have some favourite books at home then we encourage you to do what works for your Whanau. Even reading a story to your child is useful in modelling good reading behaviours and can help to grow a love of literature.

Rocket words:

Your child will have 5 words to learn each week in their Rocket book. These words are high frequency words that make up most of the stories we read. Practicing these words at home helps to build fluency when reading as they begin to recognise them in texts. There are many ways to practice and finding a way that works for you is key to success. Check out this link a see how some families have been practicing their Rocket words.


Discussions around what they have done at school:

We use an app called Seesaw to share what is going on at school. Discussions around things you have seen on Seesaw are a great way going back to learning. Try asking what it was they were doing and what they might have been learning to do?

We will share our inquiry learning with you through our blog so that you have a good idea about the big topics we are finding out about. We will share questions and things you can discuss at home to help deepen this learning and explore more of the world around us.

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