Friday, 28 August 2015

Miramar Community Class Trip

Who is in our Community?

As we launch into Finding Out more about who lives in our community we  are planning a trip for the children. We are going to walk down to Miramar to visit some businesses and places of interest to support this learning.

To do this trip we need some parent helpers, if you are able to help, that would be fabulous thank you, and please let one of the teachers know.

 When:  Tuesday 1st September 
(postponement days:  Thursday 3rd September or Tuesday 8th September)

Time:  9am until 12 ish.

How: We will walk down altogether as a big group and then split into smaller groups to visit specific places. We will need a parent to go with each group. 

Some of the places we are planning to visit are the Library, Chemist, Salvation Army, Pet Store and the Fruit and Vegetable shop.

We are very excited about the trip and are looking forward to talking to people in the community. 

Thank you to those people who have already offered to help. 

Kath, Anita, Suzanne and Anna 

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