Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Jolly Hockey Sticks

We are loving this new Summer weather and hope it is here to stay! In the afternoons we are heading out for some fun in the sun and learning how to strike with a hockey sticks. We have had two fantastic Senior students, Frankie and George, showing us the basics and taking us through some skill drills. Great to see all those sunhats too!

What a stunning day! Lucky we all have our sunhats. 

Pushing the ball along with the stick. 

Pushing and stopping the ball...quite tricky sometimes. 
Practising holding our stick the right way.

Our senior buddies giving us a coaching session.

A mini game in action. Where is that ball?

Passing the ball to a partner. Practising to stop the ball is also a bit tricky. 

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  1. Gray loved the hockey today! He said he learnt 3 skills :)