Thursday, 5 November 2015

Reflection Time

We have been spending some time each day, reflecting on our learning. This week we have been sharing something that we are proud of from our learning time.  
This is my picture of the frog lifecycle. 
Reading my writing. I wrote a letter as if I was a tadpole. I wrote it to a tadpole friend telling him that I am a huge tadpole.  
This is a froglet. He is jumping. 
These are my pictures of the life cycle. This is a froglet and a tadpole. 
Reading another super letter to a tadpole friend. I am telling him that I will be a frog soon. 
More super tadpole letter writing sharing. 
Here is a scary tadpole and an egg. 
This is my froglet and my frog. My froglet has a little tail. 
More super tadpoles. 
Another super story about a tadpole changing to a frog.  

More super tadpoles and frogs. 

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