Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Plastic Free Peninsula Pizza and Movie night

A message from Miranda Struthers...

July is Plastic Free Month and the Worser Bay School community has launched a ‘Plastic Free Peninsula’ campaign. Students, staff and parents are raising awareness about the plastic problem in the Miramar Peninsula coastal environment and are taking action to address the problem and reduce consumption, both at school and at home.

To kick off the campaign a movie and pizza night was held for the school community, showing short films about plastic consumption, its impact on the natural environment and personal stories about how individuals can make a difference. Students and parents were inspired by the event, and motivated to get involved in the campaign. 

On Sunday 3rd July, International Plastic Bag Free day, the school community held a beach clean-up around the Miramar Peninsula. Over 20 large sacks of rubbish were collected and some interesting items were uncovered including a welding mask, complete fishing rod, sailor’s washing machine and parts of an old washed up suitcase. The students then took the rubbish back to school to complete a waste audit of their findings. Hugo M  said "I'm surprised how much rubbish we found. I'm surprised we didn't see it at first till we looked closely, it was tangled in the bushes and wedged between the rocks". 

The Plastic Free Peninsula campaign will continue beyond July and the students are wishing to share the campaign with other schools, businesses and communities on the Peninsula. More activities are being planned in the months to come.
Raffle Prizes- thank you to Jacky for donating the water tank to the school
It's Plastic Free July Are you ready to take the challenge?

The PFP logo was revealed. Thank you to Hunter T who designed the crab and Catherine Hanham for putting this together. 

These are the movies that we showed at the movie night:

Here is a message for us from Melati and Isabel:

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