Thursday, 25 August 2016

Music Festival

We have had a very busy week! It has been amazing to see all of those Worser Bay Learner attributes shining through: 

I am a thinker (so much creative and critical thinking- problem solving, idea sharing) 

I am connected ( a definite connection to our place and our community; it is so powerful for students to experience their ideas coming to life and get the chance to express them to you)

I am powerful (so much action, lots of persistence and overcoming of challenges - it's quite daunting looking into to sea of faces) 

I am a goal setter (so many great feelings of success and accomplishment)

Thank you for all your support and encouragement. We have loved sharing our learning with you and are looking to sharing even more of this learning journey at the Celebration of Learning meetings on the 8th September. Don't forget to book a time!

Here are some of our gorgeous costumes! Don't we look fantastic?




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