Thursday, 20 October 2016

Reading follow ups!

This week in reading some of us have been following up our reading with some activities.  

We read The Elephant's Trunk and created little brochures with facts about what an elephant can use its trunk for.

We learned elephants can use their trunks to do lots! They can even throw other animals in the air with them! We also went back over our writing with green pens and did some editing on our own. Some of the things we looked for were capital letters at the start of sentences, full stops at the end and making sure words that we could find in our story were spelled correctly in our writing.

Our group read the story, "Is that an Earthquake?" and in that story there are lots of silly rhyming sentences. The kids in the story keep thinking something is an earthquake and it winds up being something like the twins rumbling and grumbling! We came up with our own silly sentences about what could be making movements and sounds like an earthquake!


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