Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Exploring maths and numbers

In Maths this week we are exploring different ways to make our numbers. 

 Here we are using tongs to put beads in each cup.  It's quite tricky to only get one bead at a time.  We have to count and make sure the beads match the numbers on the cups.  We are also working our finger muscles which helps to write and draw. 

 Here we are making different patterns and counting how many penguins we've got.  
 I've got my whole board full so I've got 10 penguins.
 I've got a 10 and 3 more, so I've got 13 penguins.
 Here we are beading our numbers and matching them to towers and numeral cards.  We are working together to get them all done.

 Here we are working together to put this maths puzzle together.  We have to match the dots and numbers.  We also have to take turns and share!
 We are practising writing our numbers on the white boards.  If we are unsure, we look at the number lines to help us! Every time we practise this we are making connections in our brains about what the numbers look like!

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