Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Welcome to our Vet Clinic

One of the things that we've been exploring in our play is being vets and looking after our sick animals.


We've been exploring the roles that people have at vet clinics.  Some of us have been filling out forms to explain what's wrong with the animals, others have been checking the hearts with stethoscopes, administering bandages and shots and taking care of the animals.  We are exploring empathy and nurturing as well as medical procedures and the living world.  We have been problem solvers, thinking about what's wrong with the animals and what we might need to do to help them.  Some animals needed to stay wrapped up and rest for a week, while others needed x-rays.  Others needed plasters and some even needed syringes of medicine!

We worked on documenting what was going on so the vet and vet nurses could remember and explain what the animals had had done.  So we even managed to get some literacy in there with some reading, writing, presenting and explaining! 

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