Tuesday, 16 May 2017


Last week we read the story My Kite and continued on with our exploration of direction and position language by talking about how kites can go up, down, around, through, under, over lots of different things.  

Then we had a go making our own Kites.  We had the choice to make them however we wanted but everyone wanted to try to follow instructions we found online to make your own kite.  First we had to get two sticks and secure them together in a cross.  Next we used fishing line to create a frame for our kite.  Then we drew an outline on paper in a diamond shape, taking care to measure that it would fit around our frame.  We glued the paper to the sticks, added a tail and voila! 

After making our kites, naturally, we had to go outside and try to fly them!  Some were more successful than others, but it was lots of fun and we learned a little bit about wind power and aerodynamics! It helps a lot if you hold the kite up when you are trying to fly it! We also learned a bit about gravity because most of the kites came right back down!

After, we came back in and wrote a bit about how our kites performed!
Some went under, others through trees and others up, up high and even the highest!  
We used lots of direction and position words in our writing!

It was so much fun being engineers, designers, kite testers and writers all about our col experience!

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