Thursday, 22 August 2019

Arts Celebration: Our learning journey

It has been a big build up to our annual arts celebration this year. We have been reflecting on all of the inquiry learning from throughout the year. From planets and space to journeys across the world to New Zealand and to our local environment. We used lots of different styles and mediums to create pieces that show lots of our learning.

Here we are creating invitations for our friends and whanau to invite them along.

We made ink blot insects using kebab sticks and droppers

We stamped our backgrounds to personalise our visual pepeha.

Some fabulous musicians shared their talent with us as we practised our strength of appreciating beauty and excellence.

John showed us lots of the sculptures the seniors were working on.

It took lots of perseverance to finish all the pieces of art.

We used observational drawings of the leaves in our local environments.

We used light to create silhouette art that tells the story of Kupe and the octopus on his voyage to New Zealand.

Thank you all for your support and for helping us celebrate our learning.

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