Tuesday, 22 October 2019

How can we look after our school environment?

As part of our inquiry we are thinking about how we can make improvements to our school environment. 
We are up to the sorting and creating part of our inquiry cycle.

We decided that we needed to ask some experts, so we invited Adam and Mitchell (who are year 6's) to come and give us some advice. Adam and Mitchell are part of Worser Bay School's environmental group.

They were very helpful with their suggestions about how we could make some improvements around our school, and how we could use the bigger kids to help us.

We though about the Tui's we have in our garden outside our classroom. 
If we didn't have any flowering plants and trees, would there be any Tui's? 

We decided that we could be the kaitiaki of the garden boxes outside by the sandpit. 
What would we need to plant in our garden?
What would they look like?


These are some of our ideas, what do you think?

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